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    International release of Hauntropics March 16th 2018 on FYSISK FORMAT! Read press reviews: ...
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  • Hauntropics

    Neon palm trees, coconut hipsters and tropical paranoia.

    Hauntropics OUT March 16th!

    Read more about the release.


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    Hauntropics out now

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    Curvs - Debut album Hauntropics

    "Hauntropics"; a sonic travelogue from the obscure parts of the subtropics:

    Hitchhiking rides along the Khyber Pass, opium farmers on the run, decadent hybrid environmenst in Port Louis, flamboyant eunuchs in Delhi, intoxicated pilots, disillusioned veterans, coconut hipsters and psychotic backpackers.

    In this landscape Curvs moves into a cross field of dark electronic rock, tropical psychedelia, kraut and new wave.

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    Curvs is founded by childhood friends, Hjalmar Myksvoll-Singh and Øystein Redalen, witch also composed and produced the debut album. Now they are joined by brothers in arms Lasse Saurbrey( Lazy K) on bass/synth and Joachim Amundsen Trana( Casiokids, Hypertext) on drums.

    Conceived in the Indian mountains, born in Bergen ( Norway), Hjalmar met his partner in crime and lifelong friend and companion Øystein in an Oslo suburb ( Ås) at the age of five.

    With skateboards under their feet, weird instruments in their hands and even weirder music in their ears, the seeds of the dynamic duo were sown, that would bloom years later when the two immersed themselves in a studio bunker built in an old potato cellar in the rural province of Telemark.

    There, the Curvs sound, inspired by short and long stays in the tropics and the desire to bastardize musical genres, was born out of home made compressors, rare pre amps and echo valves coupled with old drum machines, odd strings and analog synths from Japan.

    The album is composed, performed and produced by Curvs and partly mixed by both Curvs and Nick Terry ( The Libertines, Klaxons, Serena Maneesh, Kvelertak) Their bassist Lasse Saurbrey joined in for the final mix of the song Atlantic Cologne.

    CURVS signed to FYSISK FORMAT March 2017.


    New single, Delusive stars out on Fysisk Format, april 21!

    ”Delusive Stars, the first single from new signing Curvs will drop on friday!

    FFO: A Place to Bury Strangers, Primal Scream, Suicide

    "Delusive Stars is a back-packer hymn with a mojo-psychotic jungle swing. A mix between firm courage and swaying borderline psychosis, a mental state with the potential to transform reality."


    Make sure to check out their amazing self-released debut Hauntropics




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